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Rain Water Harvesting
Rain water can be retained in the tree basin.
Rain water can be retained and prevent top soil erosion.

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Soil Erosion can be curtailed by live MULCHING stylo, Glirisidia

       With an average rainfall of 100mm, 10 Lakh litres of water can be retained per hectare. The moisture can be retained with proper mulching.

        In addition to rain water harvesting, we have excavated a 200 cubic mt tank (10 x 10 x 2 mts) with 10 flow forms to hold about 2 lakh litres of water. We have collected this water from three bore wells, circulated it for one hour with a 5HP Centrifugal Pump, resulting in developing 3 kgs of pressure for all the drips and minimizing the blocking of drips. We have circulated the water mixed with 1000 litres of cow urine collected from 60 cows, BD500, CPP, and fish amino acid, duly filtered and inoculated the farm with it.

        The surface tension of water is 75 dyn/cm. Higher yield can be achieved if this can be reduced to 68 dyn/cm, which is optimal. E.C. will also get reduced. These can be achieved by flow forms.