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Fish Amino Acid
  1. One  Kg Fish (cut into Pieces)
  2. One Kg Unprocessed Gaur
  3. Unprocessed Water
  4. 25 gm CPP
  5. Plastic Airtight Container
  6. Keep stirring everyday for 10 days


Inducing Flowering

  1. Cow sour  butter milk
  2. Coconut Milk of 10 no’s matured coconuts.
  3. Coconut water from 3 no’s tender coconuts
  4. Keep stirring everyday for 10 days
Application Process
       1% Amino Acid, 3% panchagavya, 10% cow buttermilk spray,  10% of leaf extraction and 2kgs of CPP in 40 Litres of water potentizing for 25 minutes and spray  during the evening  ascending period.  These items can be sprayed independently.

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