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  • Compost heaps have a correct ratio of proteinaceous (nitrogenous) and carbonaceous material.
  • Starter in the form of cow dung is available. This is essential for the breakdown of compost material.
  • Biodynamic preparation helps enliven the heap and make it receptive to cosmic influences and forces.
  • Uneven distribution of nutrient material could be avoided.
  • Quick controlled composting is possible through heaps.
  • Nutrients available in the natural form, which can be easily taken up by plants.

Raw organic matter should not be mixed with the soil

Mixing raw (not well decomposed) organic matter with the soil should be avoided as the early stages of the decomposition process will create many problems.  These include:

  1. Consumption of air in the soil causing oxygen deficiency very important for plant roots.
  2. Production of methane, a gas harmful to plant roots
  3. increased (organic) acidity in the soil.
  4. Disturbing the balance in micro-organisms by increasing harmful fungi and creating a low Bacteria / fungi ratio.

       Ref. Lessons from Nature by Shimpei Murakami

Soil Fertility can be increased by broadcasting 25 types of seeds (as many as possible @ 25 kg per acre) and ploughing the plants back within 40 days. This should be repeated 2 / 3 times to improve the carbon content in the soil. Perennial legume Stylo & Glirisidia are good.

  1. Proteinaceous    :Rich in nitrogen ex. Fresh cow dung, animals residue green plant material, green weeds, old crops, silage.
  2. Carbonaceous    :Rich in carbon which helps hold nitrogen. Saw dust and coir dust, corn & maize stakes.
  3. Minerals            :Rock dust, rock phosphate, lime, wood ash and bone meal.
  4. BD Preparations :2 kgs. of potentized CPP / BD - 502 - 507

  • All these materials are mixed layer by layer up to 1.5 mts height, which will automatically attain 60° C temperature.
  • Induce 60% Moisture and turn every three weeks.
  • Compost will be ready in 90 days.
  • Application @ 5-10 mt/acre in two split doses.
  • Compost is an art. It takes time; practice it till you master it.

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