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       Dr.Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher and scientist, demonstrated in 1924 that cow-based, cost effective BD 500, CPP and BD Composting improves soil fertility and plant health, and the quality of their produce finally for human consumption.

Cow Horn Manure BD 500:

       This unique formulation made from lactating cow dung increases the humus content and improves the biological life of the soil. Its good aroma indicates proper decomposition. It helps plant roots go deeper, encourages earthworm activity and facilitates better nourishment of the plants. It is an ideal soil bio activator for a farm that is in transition from chemical to biodynamic farming.
Why Cow dung in Cow horn?
       "The dung being inside the cow horn gets permeated with astral and ethereal content". In the astral, there are nitrogen-carrying forces. For this reason it has a life-giving influence upon the soil.

Indole Acetic Acid
BD500 Application Process


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Horn Silica (BD-501) Application Process

Biodynamic Stuffing Cow Dung into Cow Horns Completed