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Welcome to Prakash Bio Organic Farm!

       Prakash Bio Organic Farm is the largest organic and biodynamic mango farm in India. The farm, located in the mango city of India, Nuzvid near Vijayawada, is accessible by road, train, and flight.

    Mr.Chalsani Dutt, an industrialist-turned-horticulturist founded Prakash Biorganic Farm to promote sustainable agricultural development. Prakash Bio aims to contribute to agriculture and the environment with holistic and logical approaches to enhance yields and bring smiles to farmers. The holistic approach encompasses organic, biodynamic, and traditional principles of Vrikshayurveda.

    Mr. Dutt is committed to delivering healthy produce to the discerning customer.

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       Prakash Bio-organic Farm has been supplying IMO/Demeter Certified Totapuri mangoes to ITC for the last seven years. ITC in turn has been exporting the pulp of our mangoes to Germany. With 16° Brix level, the mangoes have very good viscosity. Overseas buyers have commended the quality of the produce.

       The farming activities at Prakash Bio organic are all inter-related and influence each other and in tandem with nature. Prakash Bio-Organic Farm plans its agricultural operations by factoring in planetary and cosmic rhythms' impact on plants.

       Biodynamic horticulture results in larger yields of healthy produce and facilitates higher realization of revenue. No external inputs go into biodynamic horticulture.

Mango Yield
39.00 mt.

74.48 mt.
35.48 mt.
93.00 mt.
18.52 mt.
Overall Growth
54.00 mt.